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Solid Sail © Creasynth / Chantiers de l’Atlantique

Solid Sail/Aeol Drive, an extraordinary project of cooperation among breton companies

Seeking to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, Solid Sail/Aeol Drive, an...
Y.Bestaven Vendée Globe

Antoine Mermod: “The whole dynamic post Vendée Globe is very strong.”

INTERVIEW available in the last Bretagne Sailing Valley® News – Newsletter #5 –...
Ineos Team UK by C.Gregory

How Bretagne Sailing Valley became involved in the America’s Cup

INVESTIGATING available on Bretagne Sailing Valley ® News – Newsletter #4 – winter...

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The competitive sailing industry in Brittany is strong in many sectors: naval architecture, boat construction, equipment manufacturing, the service industry, etc. BDI, through its Eurolarge Innovation program, has set up...