Marine renewables

Coordinate the deployment of the Breton marine energy industry.

parc éolien en mer saint brieuc

The marine energy industrial sector in Brittany is now launched. Composed of 165 companies, an ecosystem dedicated to research and innovation, training, and dedicated infrastructures such as MRE ports or test sites, it is being deployed to support the region’s energy transition.

The Bretagne Ocean Power association coordinates the action of all these Breton economic players linked to marine energy and is the dedicated and identified contact for national and international contractors.

Its ambition is to accelerate the industrial development of the sector, to direct the activity of the Breton port hinterlands, primarily Brest and Lorient, and to make Brittany a recognized marine energy region in France and internationally.

Bretagne Ocean Power is made up of 7 founding members, including BDI, which is actively contributing to this regional dynamic, in particular by piloting the Bretagne Ocean Power association and providing its skills in engineering, European projects, communication and attractiveness.

Key Actions

16 November, 2021
First edition of FOWT in Brittany


2 February, 2022
Meeting Norway-Brittany

Lorient & Brest

1 March, 2022
Information Day Bretagne Ocean Power 2022

Quimper & Saint-Brieuc

16 May, 2022
Brittany at FOWT 2022


15 June, 2022
Bretagne Ocean Power at Seanergy 2022

Le Havre

29 November, 2022
Bretagne Ocean Power at Offshore Energy 2022

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

25 April, 2023

Copenhague (Denmark)

10 May, 2023


17 May, 2023
Senergy 2023


Actions in progress

companies involved in MRE
test sites dedicated to marine energy
hectares dedicated to MRE in the ports of Brest and Lorient

Project by

Philippe Thieffry