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Offshore Energy : “Brittany is the gateway to the floating wind market for industrialists”.3 min de lecture

Through Brittany Ocean Power BDI set sail for Amsterdam, on the occasion of Offshore Energy. From 29 to 30 November, the association dedicated to marine energy was present to promote port infrastructures and Breton companies active in the offshore wind energy sector. A review of the French and Breton markets in this field by Philippe Thieffry, head of the Bretagne Ocean Power mission at BDI, was the highlight of our presence at this internationally renowned exhibition.


Promoting Brittany’s port infrastructures and companies at Offshore Energy

In its wake, Bretagne Ocean Power took two port infrastructures and five Breton companies on board its stand at the Offshore Energy exhibition. In Amsterdam, the centre of the northern European maritime sector, the ports of Brest and Lorient, as well as Gisman, Ship as Service, Piriou, Quiet Oceans and Navantia benefited from the international exposure provided by the Brittany pavilion. “Our main targets at Offshore Energy were the Northern European industrialists present in the field of offshore operations and metal constructions, explains Philippe Thieffry, head of the Bretagne Ocean Power mission at BDI. The companies present with us are already well prepared for the export market and have relationships with prime contractors. For them, the show was more of an operational event as they continued their commercial discussions.”

The ports of Brest and Lorient did not have the same objectives. “The port of Brest is now very well identified, notes Philippe Thieffry. Industrialists have come to see when and how they could use the Brest infrastructures. The port of Lorient is a little less well known. The objective was therefore to promote it. It is positioned on a long-term vision with, in particular, the South Brittany floating wind turbine project, which will see the light of day in 2030.”


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Bretagne Ocean Power, a privileged contact for news about wind farms in France

Present for the second time in the Netherlands after a first visit in 2019, Bretagne Ocean Power is relaying French offshore wind news. “At Offshore Energy, we are the only French representatives. We are therefore the main contact to provide news on floating wind projects in progress, those that have been completed and those whose award is pending.”

This role of ambassador thus facilitates the influence of Brittany for the establishment of companies for this sector. “We can thus encourage industrialists to come and position themselves in Brittany, as it is the gateway to the floating wind energy market in France.”

Watch Philippe Thieffry’s presentation at Offshore Energy 2022 again:



Considerable assets for the development of the sector

To assume this position, the region can count on solid pillars. Firstly, in terms of floating wind turbine markets: “Brittany is the first European region to host a commercial project with the Bretagne Sud wind farm. The depth conditions allow it to host many others. Its location on the Bay of Biscay gives it an ideal position, at the heart of the Atlantic market.’

Secondly, Brittany can rely on its port infrastructures. The port of Brest is a key one. “It is a fairly unique port on the Atlantic coast to host industrial activities related to floating wind turbines. For this sector, the ports will be the bottleneck. With Brest and its 40 hectares dedicated to marine energies, Brittany already has the beginnings of an answer to become a strong place.”


Bridges built for future collaborations

Finally, the Offshore Energy exhibition was an opportunity to build bridges between Brittany and other European regions. “We have special relationships with Scotland, Wales, Norway and Ireland, says Philippe Thieffry. This translates into meetings and exchanges between our respective companies. The aim is to create partnerships between SMEs in order to develop champion and complementary pairs in a particular field of expertise for the entire European market.”