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Marine renewable energies: BDI deploys a sourcing tool for prime contractors2 min de lecture

Through its engineering department, and in particular the Craft platform, BDI has deployed a sourcing tool for the Bretagne Ocean Power website, a regional initiative dedicated to marine renewable energies. The aim of this platform is to promote Brittany’s MRE players to contractors in response to calls for projects or calls for expressions of interest.


Highlighting Brittany’s expertise in marine renewable energies

Publish a call for projects (AAP) or a call for expressions of interest (AMI) and distribute it to targeted and non-targeted players in Brittany’s marine renewable energies sector, with just one click? That’s what BOP Connect, available on the Bretagne Ocean Power (BOP) website, is all about. Aimed at both principals and solution providers in Brittany, the platform has three main objectives:

  • Help principals identify Breton suppliers of interest to them;
  • Facilitate contacts between principals and suppliers;
  • Facilitate the submission and follow-up of bids in response to calls for tenders or invitations to tender.


How Bretagne Ocean Power Connect works

BOP Connect enables clients (companies, support structures, etc.) to create and edit informative publications on their MRE projects (publications, AAP or AMI). These can be accompanied by additional communications, such as articles or press releases, webinar replays or documents such as presentation files and, of course, application files. Publications can be public or targeted at a selected panel of suppliers.

The Bretagne Ocean Power and BDI teams, acting as “mediators”, can assist customers in putting their publications on line, or in soliciting suppliers.

BOP Connect also generates indicators to monitor publications. As a result, principals have access to a series of statistics such as the number of suppliers solicited, the number of refusals or acceptances… useful in monitoring their sourcing process.

In addition, an exchange space is available on each publication to enable the players concerned to enter into direct contact. Suppliers who respond positively to requests from principals can contact the principals of the AAP or AMI.

Data on suppliers comes from the Craft platform, as does the directory of players on the Bretagne Ocean Power website. This data facilitates the identification of suppliers according to the needs of the principals (skills, locations, etc.).


A tool with the potential to be applied to other sectors, and improvements to come

The BOP Connect sourcing platform is a tool developed by Neqo for the Bretagne Développement Innovation economic development agency.

In the future, the tool could be adapted and used for other major structuring programs coordinated by BDI.