Competitive sailing

Bretagne Sailing Valley, a region that makes competitive sailing a major driver for its economic development and a r&d laboratory at the cutting edge of technological innovations

Imoca class competitive boat on the ocean

A world unique ecosystem

On the western coast of France, Brittany has always naturally faced the sea. The Breton coastline offers amateur and experienced sailors alike a vast field of navigation to test equipment and compete in singular conditions. The region is the cradle of competitive sailing for a considerable number of famous sailors (Eric Tabarly, Armel Le Cléac’h, Charles Caudrelier, Franck Cammas, Michel Desjoyeaux, François Gabart…). It is a land of demands and performance.


A strong, lively economy

All over Brittany, one economic sector has left its wake in the landscape: competitive sailing. The ecosystem is dense and complementary. It is composed of more than 160 industrial and service companies, 200 teams and sports projects, research laboratories …. giving birth to exceptional Formula 1 of the seas. It also brings diversified know-how (materials, structural calculation, architecture and construction, equipment, electronics, digital) to many other Breton sectors, starting with the nautical sector, but also renewable marine energies, aeronautics, naval and space. Today, the region is known throughout the world as one of the references for excellence in the sector, under the flag “Bretagne Sailing Valley”.


Eurolarge Innovation a regional supporting programme

BDI, through its Eurolarge Innovation programme, funded by the Region Bretagne, networks the players in this sector through meetings and exchanges. It facilitates their development around 3 axes:

  • the internationalization of know-how,
  • support for new nuggets and innovative projects,
  • the dissemination of technologies to other industries.

Key Actions

27 September, 2022
Sea Tech Week : Wind Propulsion Day


29 May, 2023
Innov Sail 2023


Actions in progress


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