Smart energies

Support the creation and implementation of projects linked to smart energies across the Brittany region

Smart energies : The West at the cutting edge

Since its launch in 2016, the bi-regional SMILE (SMart Ideas to Link Energies) project has enabled mass deployment of smart grid related projects across the Brittany and Loire regions, transforming the territory into a reference on a national level. Late 2020, over 51 Breton projects had received SMILE approval. In 2021, the SMILE association is becoming increasingly independent.

In this context, the Bretagne Développement Innovation missions are being refocused on the region and on projects relating mainly to smart energies (electricity, gas, hydrogen…). This focus remains part of the operational implementation of the Brittany energy transition (BreizhCop), while maintaining close links with SMILE and the Regional Council of Brittany.

Bretagne Développment Innovation contributes to the facilitation and coordination of smart energy projects, across the region, focusing on 5 main themes:

  • Networks and smart territories
  • Collaborative self-consumption and smart buildings
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Smart islands
  • Data and the idea of “ethical consumerism”

The aim is to identify and implement collaborative projects and to provide support through partners and financial backers.

Key Actions

7 January, 2021
SMILE general meeting


23 September, 2021
Financing workshop - Energy transition

Overview of financing for Breton actors - energy transition projects

12 October, 2021

Pollutec is the international event for environmental solutions

30 November, 2021
ENLIT - Milan

Trade show dedicated to energy transformation

2 November, 2021
Breizh Transition

The exhibition of solutions to accelerate the energy transition

Actions in progress

"breton" projects (deployed on the territory or led by breton players)
commissioned projects
actors involved and partners

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Françoise Restif