Renewable Hydrogen

Renewable Hydrogen provides huge potential for the energy transition

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Renewable Hydrogen

Given the challenges facing Brittany, the climate emergency of course, but also the regional unbalance related to the concentration of activities, since 2017 the Region has been working on a widescale plan to identify a new territorial project for Brittany: ecological transition, climate transition, economic transition, social transition, but also a transition of methods.
Renewable Hydrogen
To face these challenges, renewable hydrogen has high potential for the future energy transition. It provides solutions against the problems of intermittence of renewable energies. It can be transported and stored as liquid or gas, and is therefore suited to industrial processes, production, storage, mobility (land, sea) and the transport of renewable energy.

Brittany intends to position itself as a leading region on the market of renewable hydrogen applications, both in terms of the expertise of its businesses and in the distribution of technologies and the appropriation by its citizens. The aim is to structure and develop an innovative economic sector, generating jobs both new and/or from reconversions.

This Brittany hydrogen industry will develop around regional particularities: maritime industry, smart grid projects deployed across the territory, renewable marine energies, storage applications (transport and static) and agribusiness logistics.

The Brittany Region’s action plan is organised in three parts:

  • Develop local loops to initiate the use of renewable hydrogen (infrastructures & uses)
  • Position the Brittany hydrogen industry among the fields of excellence (development & innovation)
  • Launch a structuring collaborative investment plan in Brittany
Renewable Hydrogen

Key Actions

19 November, 2020
Launch of the Brittany 2030 roadmap

For the deployment of renewable hydrogen in Brittany

4 December, 2020
Online meeting
Ademe Nedo

Technical seminar "Renewable hydrogen and its applications in mobility"

18 March, 2021
Hydrogen mission Brittany - UK

Business meeting & B2B

12 April, 2021
Hannover Messe digital edition

Hydrogen+Fuel Cells

9 June, 2021
8th edition of Hydrogen days in territories

Meeting days organized by France Hydrogen - Dunkirk

17 June, 2021
European Hydrogen Forum (hydrogen week)

European Hydrogen Forum (hydrogen week)

27 October, 2021

The hydrogen event for energy, industry and mobility

29 September, 2021
Hydrogen Business for Climate

From 29 to 30 septembre, 2021 - Belfort

10 January, 2022
H2 Entreprises

Paris. Conférence nationale H2 renouvelable

11 May, 2022

PARIS. L'événement hydrogène pour l'énergie, l'industrie et la mobilité. Du 11 au 12 mai.

5 July, 2022
Journées France Hydrogène

Rouen - du 5 au 7 juillet 2022

Actions in progress


actors in Brittany positioned on H2
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