Facilitate the access of Breton SMEs to cyber security markets in France and abroad and disseminate cyber security in application sectors such as connected objects, industry, the factory of the future, smart grid, health, and vehicles.

Brittany, land of cybersecurity

For several years now, Brittany has been one of the most advanced regions in France in terms of the Security of Information Systems. This advance is due to the historical presence of leading technology companies, government technical structures (civil and military), a network of start-ups and highly innovative SMEs, and renowned schools and universities offering high-level and very open training and research.
The Breton industrial sector now has 160 players – listed in its directory – and has taken the national lead in certain fields such as maritime cybersecurity in Brest, infrastructure and network security in Lannion and security applied to local authorities in Vannes. In addition to the high concentration of players in Rennes, the Breton capital is also positioning in the security of smart cities.

This dynamic also explains Brittany’s presence at the heart of European projects in this sector and alongside the other most advanced European regions in terms of cybersecurity.

Counting on a good decompartmentalization of civil, military, research, training and industry, it is on this basis that new projects will emerge, such as the C-Cube totem building, and its cybersecurity campus-type offer.
Today, the sector addresses a strong and very current issue of securing the activities of key sectors such as health, the factory of the future, electrical and energy networks, or the food sector. In this context, BDI’s mission is to encourage the cross-fertilization of sectors, to network the players and to support their development.
Finally, BDI guarantees the attractiveness of the region to continue to attract new talent and new players to further enrich its offer and support the growth of companies.

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1 April, 2022
Breizh CTF

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7 June, 2022

Lille Grand Palais

15 November, 2022
European Cyber Week

Couvent des Jacobins de Rennes

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