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BDI among the ten EDIH Bretagne partners3 min de lecture

BDI’s Annual General Meeting will be held on September 6, 2023 at the Palais du Grand Large in Saint-Malo. We will be taking stock of 2022 and looking ahead to 2023-2024. In the run-up to this event, we invite you to take a look back at some of the key moments for our departments and industries. Today, we take a look back at the EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) Bretagne, which BDI has been co-piloting with the Images et Réseaux competitiveness cluster since its launch in November 2022. Bringing together 10 partners, this platform will support Breton companies in their digital transition. Thomas Lainé, European Project Manager, in charge of EDIH, gives us an overview of the project.


EDIH Bretagne, a one-stop shop to support digital transformation

What is EDIH Bretagne?

EDIH Bretagne (European Digital Innovation Hub) is a regional support center for the digital transformation of SMEs, ETIs and public-sector organizations. Supported by the Brittany Region and financed by the European Union, it was co-founded by BDI and the Images et Réseaux competitiveness cluster. Covering a 3-year period, it brings together a consortium of nine partners, forming a team of multidisciplinary experts who act as service providers and provide support to the entities. BDI has been entrusted with managing the communication and networking aspects of the project.

EDIH Bretagne’s founding partners :

  • BDI
  • Images & Réseaux
  • B<>Com
  • Pôle Excellence Cyber
  • INRIA (Institut national de recherche en science et technologie du numérique)
  • IMT Atlantique (Institut Mine Telecom)
  • Tera Lab
  • CNAM (fédérateur des acteurs de l’éducation) 
  • 7 Technopoles de Bretagne
  • Biotech Santé Bretagne


WatchThomas Lainé’s interview at FIC 2022 in Lille :



Making organizations more resilient and competitive

What are its objectives?

Above all, EDIH Bretagne will enable organizations to embark on a digital transition, and provide them with much clearer and more coherent support in their digitalization process. Through financial consulting, training and many other services, the project aims to help companies gain in resilience and competitiveness. Brittany is home to many players offering digital transformation services. Through EDIH, we wanted to agglomerate these services into a shared, concise offering. Today, EDIH Bretagne gives organizations access to 80 service offerings that can be adapted to their action plan according to their digital, cyber and artificial intelligence maturity.


EDIH services and diagnostics:

  • Digital diagnostics to draw up a global transformation plan
  • Cyber diagnostics
  • AI Diagnosis
  • Digital innovation
  • Discover / explore digital solutions
  • Understand digital and its challenges for my company
  • Improve performance
  • Secure my data and processes
  • Support my investment projects


This program also includes a European dimension. How does this materialize?

EDIH Bretagne is funded by the Brittany Region and the European Union, which aims to set up 200 EDIHs across its territory. They will work together when complementarities need to be found to meet companies’ needs if one region does not have the required skills.


How can ETIs, SMEs or public-sector organizations benefit from EDIH support?

There are two possibilities. Firstly, by going to the EDIH Bretagne website and filling in a dedicated form. A technopôle de Bretagne advisor will then contact the person concerned and propose an appointment to carry out one or more diagnostics. Alternatively, you can directly contact the partners involved in the program, who will redirect you to the expert best qualified to meet your needs.