Breton actors in hydrogen shipbuilding: directory and mapping

Identification of players in the emerging sector of shipbuilding incorporating the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier
Renewable Hydrogen

Embarking on a hydrogen shipbuilding project? Explore the Breton stakeholders within the sector and reach out to them.

  • The data featured in this directory were compiled during the industrial sector study “Breton Hydrogen Vessels” conducted by Bretagne Développement Innovation, with support from the Alca Torda consultancy, on behalf of ADEME and the Brittany Region.
  • This study, carried out in 2022, undergoes continuous updates by the engineering services of Bretagne Développement Innovation.
  • The value chain highlighted results from merging the naval construction and hydrogen sectors. Hence, the directory encompasses all entities (companies, support structures, educational actors, etc.) that could play a role in the emerging field of ship construction that integrates hydrogen as a propulsion medium.


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Seeking further information on the regional ecosystem? Discover the profile of Breton stakeholders who are developing expertise along the hydrogen value chain or please contact Elodie Boileux.


Information source : industrial sector study « Breton Hydrogen Vessels »
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