Brittany renewable hydrogen players – directory and map

Discover the profile of the Brittany players developing expertise on the hydrogen value chain.
Renewable Hydrogen
  • This identification is carried out in view of the skills chain for France Hydrogen (French association for Hydrogen and fuel cells).
  • It follows a survey, launched in the Spring of 2021, on Brittany’s hydrogen expertise.
  • The results of the survey enabled the creation of a directory and a dynamic map (below) of the skills of the H2 players in Brittany. You can also find the results and some key figures from June 2021.
  • The directory and map are updated regularly by the BDI teams, based on survey results, and using the Craft solution, and thanks to active input from regional stakeholders.

If you are a hydrogen stakeholder in Brittany and you wish to appear in this directory, please contact Elodie Boileux.

You can also sign up yourself by clicking on the “Add a file” button, located bottom right of the map.

Sources: Map of hydrogen expertise –IGN survey – GEOFLA® AND RGE®
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The Breton “Renewable Hydrogen” projects are also listed in this map to highlight the regional ecosystem. For more details, check out the directory map of renewable hydrogen projects.

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