Brittany’s agrifood maps 2022/2024

Digital agri-food

Initiated by Région Bretagne, Brittany’s agrifood maps are created by Bretagne Développement Innovation which it updates every two years.

They are the result of a partnership with the “Observatoire économique et social des filières agricoles et agroalimentaires de Bretagne” (Brittany Chambers of agriculture) and a network of Breton partners: Adria Développement (Breizpack), Bretagne Commerce International, Brit’Inov, Biotech Santé Bretagne, the Chambre Syndicale des Algues et des Végétaux Marins, the CEVA, the Algae Cluster, the DIRECCTE, Initiative Bio Bretagne, the SATT Ouest Valorisation (Plug in Labs Ouest), the Pôle Cristal, Quimper Cornouaille Développement & IALYS, Valorial.

These maps position Breton agrifood companies in the main sectors of this industry (meat slaughter and processing, dairy industry, seafood products, Bread, cakes, and Pastries, etc.) but also in more cross-cutting areas (agrifood equipment manufacturers, biotechnologies, packaging, local farm food service providers, etc.).

Download the Brittany's Agrifood maps 2022-2024 (pdf)

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