Entech smart energies, specialising in the production and storage of renewable energies, is putting the finishing touches to its new headquarters, known as the E-Factory, based in Quimper (Finistere). The building is due to be operational in May 2021. Energy storage, electric vehicles, photovoltaics and AI: the E-Factory project aims to demonstrate that an industrial

Ineos Team UK by C.Gregory

INVESTIGATING available on Bretagne Sailing Valley ® News – Newsletter #4 – winter 2020 Finally! After the dates were cancelled in the spring in Cagliari and Portsmouth, the long-awaited contest between the AC75s of the four teams taking part in the 36th America’s Cup will be happening between 17th and 20th December with the America’s

INVESTIGATING : available in the Bretagne Sailing Valley® News – Newsletter #3 – autumn   At 1302hrs CET on 8th November 2020, 33 solo sailors will set off at the start of the ninth Vendée Globe. Eight of them will be aboard brand new boats launched between August 2018 (Charal) and May 2020 (Corum L’Épargne),

Analysis : available in the Bretagne Sailing Valley® News – Newsletter #3 – autumn   Sponsors who are partnered with the 33 2020 Vendée Globe skippers, the solo race round the world are involved for a host of different reasons. Three of them, supporters of Sam Davies, Charlie Dalin and Isabelle Joschke, discuss the reasons

A breeze of feminization is blowing over the world of ocean racing. Since 2007, a professional sector financed by the Brittany Region and Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne has benefited major names in offshore racing: François Gabart, Sébastien Simon. The scheme is now open to women. Following a demanding selection process, a female sailor will be

The Imoca president, Antoine Mermod, has helped to bring the class together with The Ocean Race (formerly Volvo Ocean Race) whose forthcoming edition in 2021-2022 will be run on the 60-foot monohulls. He explains how the ocean racing ecosystem in Brittany can benefit from it. How did The Ocean Race open up to the Imoca?

The Breton competitive sailing ecosystem is unique. How do you see the role of the Eurolarge Innovation programme? I am one of those convinced that having a team working on a common project is better for progress than working alone. For me, Eurolarge Innovation is the team that carries the goal: to promote regional economic

‘‘Since I was tiny , I have dreamed of flying”, says François Gabart, holder of the round-the-world solo sailing record on his MACIF trimaran fitted with foils. “My dream has become a reality.” This revolution in technology makes boats glide above the waves. Free of all resistance, they gain enormous speed thanks to these marine

One of the special characteristics of the region is getting the corporate world to work with Research. An example with the FoilAddiCT project. FoilAddiCT - Foil Additive Composite Technologies - is one example of this type of collaborative project between research and corporate actors. It was started in 2016 and has received support from the Brittany region