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Launch of the 2nd call for projects: “Territorial loops for renewable hydrogen”3 min de lecture

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Brittany is launching its 2nd call for projects: “Territorial loops for renewable hydrogen”. This process aims to boost the use of renewable hydrogen across the territory, in particular in the realms of mobility. This will enable the establishment of a first network of distribution infrastructures. Deployment of hydrogen vehicles in professional and public fleets, public transport and haulage: these local projects can be supported by towns, rural territories, island and ecodistricts.

Renewable Hydrogen


Since March 1st, the 2nd call for “Territorial loops for renewable hydrogen” projects has been launched. It will run through May 31st, 2021.

It is one of the first elements in the roadmap (develop the first local loops to initiate the use of hydrogen -infrastructures & uses-). It aims to support the implementation of renewable hydrogen projects locally and in the territories in different geographic contexts (towns, rural territories, islands, eco-districts).

The aim is to test and distribute technologies and services developed in Brittany, to optimise the energy systems and initiate the development of a first network of infrastructures for the production and distribution of hydrogen from renewable sources.

The aim of this second call for projects is to support the development of four additional territorial industrial ecosystems around project sponsoring in the form of public/private cooperation.

New and mature projects

The first preliminary study phase of the project is funded as a grant to a local authority or its representative.

The second phase supporting the realisation and investments is funded as a grant and in some cases as a reimbursable loan, or a regional intervention, depending on the business plan (level of profitability and revenue generated by the project).

Funding targets two types of project:

  • “beginner” projects, requiring a preliminary study phase for their strategic definition, business plan and constitution of public-private participation.
  • “mature” projects, whose public-private organisation and business plan have already been defined, requiring support for the second investment phase.

Financial aid: amounts

Support for the preliminary study phaseup to 50% of the full amount, limited to €50 000 in financial aid.

Support for realisation and investments: up to 65% of the full amount, limited to €1M in financial aid per project (maximum amount modulable depending on the number of projects selected in this first 2020 session) and conditioned on the execution of preliminary studies validating the business model and the business plan.

Another call for projects session is planned for 2022.

More about this call for projects on the Brittany region’s website

A leading Region

It includes a new criterion encouraging project sponsors to invest the equivalent of 1% of their project costs in actions towards the protection and improvement of biodiversity.

The regional roadmap sets, among the targets to reach by 2030, the implementation of 8 territorial renewable hydrogen and low carbon loops (at least 200 kgH2/day/site). They will be spread across the territory within the first three years of its enactment. The idea is to aim for 400 vehicles in circulation by 2025 thus avoiding 8000T of CO2/year.

The national hydrogen strategy is being materialised in Brittany through the roadmap launched in October 2020. The aim? To become a leading region on the markets of renewable hydrogen applications, by promoting our particularities. The maritime industry, smart grid projects, renewable marine energies, storage uses, logistics and industrial transport, and in particular agri-food are among these.

Check out the renewable Hydrogen page on the BDI website

Renewable hydrogen coordination :
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