Vendée Globe 2020, the technological challenge is getting ready in the heart of the Bretagne Sailing Valley® – Episode 1/5

On 8th November last, the Vendée Globe racers set off on a new round-the-world sailing race. These exceptional racers are sailing on racing cars, most of which are designed, manufactured and equipped in the heart of the Bretagne Sailing Valley®.

Of the 33 boats to set off on the “Everest of the Seas”:

  • 18 (nearly 55%) were conceived and designed in Brittany, including 5 of the 8 new generation boats,
  • 16 (more than 50%) manufactured on the territory, including 5 of the 8 boats of the new generation,
  • And, as far as the skippers are concerned, whether or not they are natives of the area, 20 (over 60%) are installed with their team in the heart of the Bretagne Sailing Valley®.

In order to showcase Breton expertise, BDI has organised, through its Eurolarge programme, a series of video-cafés every Thursday in October. In 5 episodes, we offer you the opportunity to listen to or watch this series of enlightening content on current affairs related to competitive sailing and the Vendée Globe.

The first episode took place on October 1st around the question “Why do sponsors choose IMOCA Class boats as a communication medium? “Four speakers were connected to the webinar to express their point of view: Antoine Mermod, président of IMOCA, Fabrice Amedeo, skipper of Newrest-Art & Fenêtres, David Sineau, team-manager of Initiatives Cœur, and Philippe Hassel, director of communication of the Apicil Group , partner of Damien Seguin.

The Vendée Globe 2020 promises to be a record-breaking event, at least from an economic point of view, with 33 boats at the start. A fleet which, according to Antoine Mermod, generates a sponsorship investment of 125 million euros, divided between 130 partners. For the president of IMOCA, “three pillars” push them to commit themselves: “External communication, to develop the company’s reputation; everything that is organised in BtoB and BtoC, but also internally, around the races; CSR with skippers who are ambassadors of social or environmental causes, which allows companies to associate themselves with this image. »

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