(c) Julius Gnoth/Westend61
(c) Julius Gnoth/Westend61

The energy transition

The energy transition is a fast-growing sector and a major challenge to cope with climate change, and is one of the priorities of the Brittany Region. The Region has adopted an energy and climate roadmap. This has several objectives:

  • Controlling energy demand,
  • Developing renewable energies,
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Improving air quality,
  • Adapting the territory to climate change.

A wide range of solutions will have to be implemented by companies, local authorities and citizens in order to achieve the objectives set out in the law on energy transition for green growth:

  • A 30% reduction in fossil fuel consumption by 2030,
  • A 20% reduction in final energy consumption in 2030 compared to 2012, and 50% in 2050.

The Energy Transition page offers you the opportunity to discover the interactive directory of solution providers for the Energy Transition in Brittany.

The survey results carried out at the beginning of 2022, the key energy figures for Brittany (OEB) and the resources of the many regional partners who have contributed to this collaborative tool are also available.