INTERVIEW available in the last Bretagne Sailing Valley® News – Newsletter #7 – Autumn 2021 A qualified naval architect, Tanguy Le Bihan launched Foil & Co five years ago. This Breton company, specialised in the manufacture of foils and boards for smaller sail powered craft and boards is growing rapidly, the market having exploded in

INTERVIEW available in the last Bretagne Sailing Valley® News – Newsletter #6 – Summer 2021  A page turned at the end of 2020 for nke when, after 14 years at the head of the Hennebont-based group, Jean-Claude Le Bleis sold nke Marine Electronics and nke Instrumentation to Alain Boschet, now Managing Director of both structures.

A breeze of feminization is blowing over the world of ocean racing. Since 2007, a professional sector financed by the Brittany Region and Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne has benefited major names in offshore racing: François Gabart, Sébastien Simon. The scheme is now open to women. Following a demanding selection process, a female sailor will be

The Imoca president, Antoine Mermod, has helped to bring the class together with The Ocean Race (formerly Volvo Ocean Race) whose forthcoming edition in 2021-2022 will be run on the 60-foot monohulls. He explains how the ocean racing ecosystem in Brittany can benefit from it. How did The Ocean Race open up to the Imoca?

The Breton competitive sailing ecosystem is unique. How do you see the role of the Eurolarge Innovation programme? I am one of those convinced that having a team working on a common project is better for progress than working alone. For me, Eurolarge Innovation is the team that carries the goal: to promote regional economic