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Tanguy Aulanier : we bring a new dimension to the site3 min de lecture

INTERVIEW available in the last Bretagne Sailing Valley® News – Newsletter #12 – Winter 2022


Longtime specialists in building one-off boats, the La Trinite yard Technologie Marine has taken a new direction by launching a new Mini 6.50, the TM650. Head of the design office, Tanguy Aulanier, who manages the build management of the project, presents this newcomer.

Tanguy, how did this project come about ? 

The idea comes from Charlie Capelle (founder and boss of Technologie Marine) who was in Martinique for the finish of the Mini Transat 2019. He wanted to add a new asset to the yard by developing a production boat. The project was really launched in the spring of 2021. It allows us to discover new knowledge and skills within the company. We continue to build one-off boats of course, but we are adding a new dimension to the site, dedicating one of our two main hangars to the production of these Mini 6.50s.

The architects selected to design the TM650 are Sébastien Magnen (double winner of the Mini Transat in 1997 and 1999) and Benoît Cabaret. Why this choice ? 

Benoît Cabaret has nothing to prove, he has always shown himself able to develop hulls that work well. Sébastien Magnen has a very good knowledge of Mini 6.50s. The distribution of the different roles and responsibilities fell in a natural way. Sébastien drew the general lines of the boat and the sail plan. Benoît has made very advanced VPP studies and carried out numerous hull tests to get the best out of the boat.

What are the main characteristics of the TM 650? 

It is a second generation scow. We were able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Maxi 650 and the Vector 650 (designs by David Raison and Etienne Bertrand respectively). The TM 650 is more of a compromise boat, not an extreme one. We wanted it to be as complete and versatile as possible, able to work in all conditions. It is fast in light airs and its hull goes well in heavy seas. We will see in the next seasons races how she goes.

How is the production going? 

The first boat was launched last October and the first feedback is good, we are happy with her behaviour, especially in strong winds. In the process, we moved on to the production of the second boat and then the third TM650 which will be launched in early 2023. We are fully into the production. Today, we have about ten firm orders. We will see TM650s at races from next season.

Ten boats are needed to become a production boat. Will this objective be met from 2023? 

More likely in 2024. We are very happy with the way the project is going and the reception it is getting. All the different parties seem convinced by the concept.

Does this project give you ideas to build boats for other offshore racing classes? 

We are open minded. We are already trying to immerse ourselves more into the way of production building and how to manage it. We are hopeful that these little boats will keep us busy for several more years so we are not yet on to the next series!

Crédit photo : © Antoine Dujoncquoy

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