Sea Tech Week : Europe Day, TIGER project



From 26 September to 26 September 2022
from 14h00 to 15h30
journée europe projet TIGER

“Installation and maintenance of tidal turbines as part of a commercial project: how to reduce the cost?” During the workshop organized by BDI, site developers, logistics service providers and transporters will give us their views on future trends and expectations.

In the context of the European Union’s climate and energy objectives for 2030 and an increasingly tense global energy context, the development and industrialization of renewable energy sectors have become even more urgent. Among the challenges of the marine energy sector, reducing the cost of energy (LCOE) is one of the most important to make it a competitive renewable energy.

So what will commercial tidal energy projects look like in 2030? Will there be economies of scale as we move from individual pilot projects to larger commercial projects? And how can transmission contribute to cost reductions by that time?

Speakers will include TIGER project partners Morbihan Hydro Energies, Sabella and Normandie Hydroliennes, transport and logistics service provider Inyanga and representatives from the Belgian offshore wind renewable energy cluster in Ostend, Belgium.

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