From 13 September to 15 September 2022
from 09h00 to 00h00

Presentation of the exhibition
SPACE is the essential meeting place for all animal production professionals worldwide. The 3 days of the show will be a great opportunity for your company to meet new people and raise its profile, and to showcase your innovations and know-how.

AGRETIC at SPACE 2022: innovation on a plate

For the 7th time, Bretagne Développement Innovation, as part of its mission to manage the AGRETIC program, will set up an innovation showcase at SPACE, the animal production exhibition. On a 110 m2 platform, visitors will be able to discover the digital solutions proposed

Presentation of the AGRETIC pavilion:

This year again, the AGRETIC pavilion will be a crossroads of innovations by gathering 11 digital solutions for breeders and farmers.

List of the 11 innovative demonstrators present on the pavilion :

“Opti’Soins” project / Innov’Space *2022: Innovative solution to facilitate interactions between breeders and caregivers.

“REPLACE ME” project: application to help farmers manage and monitor replacements during their absence.

“TeQPA” project entirely dedicated to the quality of food production

“MaEVA” project: a video-assisted assistance and expertise platform that enables real-time projection of the support and expertise required for tele-consulting, telemedicine and maintenance operations carried out by technicians and experts.
CGI (35)

“DIGIKERG” project: a digital, interactive and fun tool integrating innovative mediation technologies
Chambers of Agriculture of Brittany (56)

“TAIL” project: Automatic detection of pig caudophagy

Virtual activity counter with direct transfer of activity and reservation by SMS” project
“KEMTAG” (35)

Project “DBN”, management tool of the breeding, created by a breeder, for the breeders of veal calves.
Le Louarne Company (22)

“MeaHeat” project: energy management solution.

CHRONOPATURE” project: traceability and grazing optimization solution.
SGPI (35)

T-MOOV” project: a robot used in breeding poultry to promote fertility and prevent laying on the ground.
TIBOT (35)