SPACE 2022 36th edition

SPACE 2022: the AGRETIC pavilion, a showcase of technological innovations for agriculture4 min de lecture

From 13 to 15 September 2022, the Rennes Exhibition Centre hosted SPACE. The AGRETIC pavilion organised by Bretagne Développement Innovation during the agricultural show highlighted 11 projects. Among them, six proposals concerned human well-being, through the reduction of work arduousness, the reduction of the mental load and the optimisation of work on the farm.


Solutions to improve efficiency and make work easier

For this 36th edition of the flagship agricultural trade fair, eleven projects benefited from the showcase offered by the stand set up by BDI, in partnership with the Chambers of Agriculture of Brittany.


Training, remote assistance, video assistance, monitoring and management of livestock, labour and machinery management… This year, six solutions focused on human well-being were presented to the SPACE 2022 public. “Today, farmers and agricultural professionals are looking for solutions to improve their working conditions,” emphasises Christian Blandel, head of the Digital and Food Transition programme at BDI. “The sector is equipping itself with digital tools that make it easier and more serene to work. Beyond animal welfare, the two challenges facing the sector are the difficulty of the work and its attractiveness. Today, the solutions proposed must respond to these issues.”

This is the case with MaEVA, supported by the company CGI. The video-assisted assistance and expertise platform makes it possible to get in touch with experts to obtain help quickly depending on the needs, whether they are related to the animal, a machine or a crop. “In addition to a reduction in mental workload, there is a time saving in accessing information. Finally, as the expert no longer needs to travel, the carbon footprint is improved. It’s a win-win situation! “


The Opti’Soins solution from Adventiel makes it possible to improve efficiency and make the relationship between farmers and carers more fluid. The application allows you to quickly get in touch with animal care providers. It optimises their rounds and notifies potential delays. “The farmer can thus better organise his work and save time. This avoids immobilising an animal for too long, for example.”

The digital breeding book project, led by Philippe Le Louarne, provides a product traceability solution by facilitating the entry and recording of data related to animal care. Aimed at veal calf farmers, “this tool helps to meet the high expectations of consumers in terms of traceability”. In addition to meeting consumer demand, the solution allows the breeder to comply with standards and to access quality labels. “This contributes to enhancing the value of his work, through a label for example, which should enable him to make a better living from an economic point of view.”


Digital technology as a factor of attractiveness for the agricultural sector

In order for the sector to survive, the problem of generational renewal is one of the challenges for the years to come. “In the next 10 years, 50% of farm managers will have reached the legal retirement age, according to the MSA (Mutuelle sociale agricole),” observes Christian Blandel. Among those taking over, we will also need people from outside the farming community, young people, people undergoing professional retraining, and new rural dwellers. This makes the attractiveness of the sector essential.


The digital solutions exhibited in the AGRETIC pavilion are part of this. They must be attractive to future generations of farmers. “It is essential to show that the agricultural professions are evolving and integrating a technological aspect. Many mature digital tools are available today to help them on a daily basis.”

Replace Me, another solution presented by the company Advential, facilitates the transfer of information. The application simplifies the transmission of images, videos, notes and instructions between the farmer who is absent and his replacement. “From an oral transmission, where the actions to be carried out are shown, we are moving to a written and digital transmission, which makes it possible to have a dematerialised written support if necessary. With these tools, the profession is becoming more formal.”


The projects exhibited in the AGRETIC pavilion


SPACE 2022 in figures

  • 90,108 visitors, including 8,406 foreigners from 120 countries
  • 1,200 exhibitors, of which 300 were international companies and 250 were attending SPACE for the first time
  • 550 cattle from 13 breeds were presented
  • 150 sheeps and goats from 11 breeds presented