S3Food stakeholders met in Brussels

S3Food project: two Breton solutions among the winners2 min de lecture

Brussels hosted the final event of S3Food on 7 September 2022. This European project brought together 13 partners from 8 countries with the aim of accelerating and supporting digital innovation in the agri-food industry (AFI). In Brittany, this programme was a success, with two winning companies among 9 projects for the implementation of innovative solutions in industry.


S3Food in brief

The European S3Food project was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme for innovation and research. It involved agri-food clusters and technology providers. The objective was to accelerate and support the transformation of the agri-food industries, focusing on “smart sensor” technologies integrated in the production tool.

Some figures:

  • 5 million euro budget
  • 13 partners involved in the project
  • 8 countries represented (France, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands)
  • More than 500 SMEs and digital technology providers supported
  • 75 SMEs subsidised for digital innovation projects


Two Breton companies funded by the S3Food project

Two Breton projects have been funded by the European S3Food project for their connected sensor solutions in food factories: Photon Lines with HS2I project, and the API Group (Sepia and IMS Tregor) with its LINA PRO project.

Based in Pacé (Ille-et-Vilaine), Photon Lines has developed a high-speed hyperspectral camera. This high-definition, high-speed camera facilitates the detection of foreign bodies in production. This innovative sensor and photonics technology provides a solution to quality, hygiene and safety issues. It has been implemented at Geldélis.

The API Group has designed a tool to facilitate the integration of sensors in an industry to monitor and manage critical parameters (ERP). The solution integrates an optimised interface. API Group’s headquarters are located in Yffiniac (Côtes-d’Armor).

These two projects have met the expectations and needs of food manufacturers, enabling them to improve their productivity while saving resources.


What next for S3Food?

The S3FOOD project is part of a larger framework. It is the result of a European partnership firmly established within the agri-food ecosystem: the S3 platform “Smart Sensors 4 Agri Food” (SS4AF), which brings together more than 40 players supporting agri-food companies and technological solution providers. This platform is supported by 16 European regions, including Brittany.

Building on the success of the S3FOOD project, the SS4AF European network will continue to support agri-food companies in their digital transition through new calls for innovative collaborative projects, from 2023.


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