SIAE 2023



From 19 June to 25 June 2023
from 00h00 to 00h00
SIAE 2023 - bretagne sailing valley

From 19 to 25 June, the International Paris Air Show (SIAE) will take place at Le Bourget, the world’s largest event dedicated to the aeronautics and space industry. Six Breton companies from the Bretagne Sailing Valley will be present in the regional pavilion of the SIAE at Le Bourget (Hall 2b) and will exhibit their innovations. Boarding is imminent!

6 Breton companies that bring their technologies to the aeronautics and space sector.
While competitive sailing is their core business, some thirty Breton companies are contributing their technologies to the aeronautics and space sector. They are manufacturers, equipment manufacturers or service companies. Fifteen of them are positioned in the field of composite materials.

A unique know-how has been developed in the region to meet the performance needs of competitive sailing. The Breton companies involved in competitive sailing are innovative and able to provide unexpected solutions to the aeronautics and space sector.

6 regional players from the “competitive sailing” sector will be present on the Bretagne pavilion organised by Bretagne Commerce International and will present their innovations:

ARCOTENN: New generation of intelligent antennas, discreet, light, resistant, made of carbon fibre.
HEOL COMPOSITES: Design and manufacture of autoclave carbon parts for competitive sailing, car racing and aeronautics.
PIXEL SUR MER: Develops and installs high-tech navigation equipment.
SENSE IN: Develops and markets innovative solutions for monitoring composite structures based on unique, non-intrusive resistive sensors.
INO ROPE: Specialises in ropes and fittings.
GUELT : Specialist in the production of complex parts, machined in the mass or mechanically welded.