Parcours Transitions et RSE

Societal transition

After a successful first year, the “TransitionS – Performance & CSR Course”, initiated by BDI as part of its Brittany brand mission, is back for a second edition. Starting on 16 March, 12 workshops will be held around the issues of transition or Corporate Social Responsibility. This program is completed by the “CSR Curriculum”, offered as in 2021 by eclozr; as well as a new feature in 2022: the “CSR Certification”, an initiative launched with Rennes School of Business and the European campus The Land.


Thematic workshops to build skills on transitions and CSR

Twelve workshops – including a webinar – will be offered from 16 March to a public of companies in the region (whether or not they are members of the Brittany brand network). Whether it is to identify CSR issues, set up an action plan, make communication more responsible, develop a new economic model, implement a low-carbon strategy or become a company with a mission, this à la carte course will enable professionals to take a step-by-step approach to progress.

These collective meetings are led by regional experts in CSR or in methods for transforming organizations (see below). They will take place at inspiring actors in terms of transitions (Ecotree, La Trinitaine, Groix & Nature, Algo Paint, Kom & do, Destination Rennes etc.).

A la carte workshops:


A “CSR & Transitions curriculum” for training

The “CSR & Transitions Course”, run by eclozr, is aimed at companies wishing to go further in their approach. The specificity of the course is to put collective intelligence methods at the service of CSR strategies. About fifteen CSR referents (current or future leaders, project managers, managers) will benefit from the intervention of all the territorial CSR experts to be trained in the methods of business transformation, creativity and design at the service of responsible strategies during 5 days (from March to June 2022).
“Since they themselves are facing with the challenge of becoming an actor of change, the course trains the referent both in the framework and reference tools of CSR, but also accompanies him/her on the posture and methods essential to concretize the first steps of a CSR roadmap,” indicates Aurélie Basse, Head of the Brittany brand, at BDI.

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New for 2022: CSR certification

For this 2nd edition, Rennes School of Business, the management school, and The Land, the first European hybrid campus dedicated to the new rurality, are joining forces with the Brittany brand and launching the CSR certification, by Rennes School of Business and The Land!

This certification responds to the challenges of transition and evolution for companies. It will provide a collective overview of CSR, from its definition to its implementation in a company. This training course leads to certification for participants and can be financed via the CPF.

This new course will conclude the Parcours TransitionS. It will take place over 6 days (from November 2022 to January 2023), on the premises of Rennes School of Business.

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