atelier préparation marché aéronautique

SIAE 2023: companies involved in competitive sailing prepare to enter the aeronautics market2 min de lecture

Brittany’s aerospace sector brings together a large number of players in cutting-edge industries. Among them, around forty companies from the competitive sailing sector contribute their technologies and know-how. On 25 May 2023, a morning session was organised for companies involved in competitive sailing, to help them understand the aeronautics market and how to diversify their business.


Aeronautics, the flagship of French industry

First of all, let’s recall the context and the stakes of the workshop: the aeronautics sector is one of the flagships of French industry. In terms of the technologies deployed, this sector represents a potential source of diversification for competitive sailing companies.

The aerospace industry in France represents :

  • Cumulative national turnover of €106 billion;
  • France is the world’s leading exporter;
  • More than 263,000 jobs in 4,480 companies;
  • An exciting market outlook: according to a Boeing report, “the global fleet of commercial aircraft is expected to reach 47,080 by 2041, up from 25,900 in 2019”.


Hugues Le Cardinal, founder of Velica, an aeronautical and nautical consultancy, began by outlining the framework of the aeronautical market, and in particular the regulatory aspect. Why does the State check aircraft design? What authorities and organisations govern the texts? What are the different approvals and certificates?

This was followed by a presentation of the key players in the aeronautics industry.

To conclude the morning session, a section was devoted to applications for companies in the nautical sector. What are the possibilities? Assessing the difficulties and needs of companies?

Brittany has no shortage of assets for the aeronautics market: structural design, composite materials, secure communications, flight guidance and autonomy, augmented flight, imaging technology, etc. The list of areas of innovation in which the region can position itself is extensive.

See you at the SIAE for some of the companies taking part in the workshop!


Feedback from participants : Pixel sur Mer & Guelt

Vincent Drevillon, Director of Scientific Programmes at Pixel sur Mer: “The workshop gave us a better understanding of the regulatory framework in the aeronautical sector and showed us the market opportunities that this can bring us. The aim of the Eurolarge programme is to confirm this cross-fertilisation between the worlds of sailboat racing and aeronautics. We’re at the Paris Air Show to confirm that the various prospects and opportunities we’ve had with a number of aerospace customers represent a real market for the company.”

Rémi Le Roux, head of the mechanical department at Guelt: “Guelt is exhibiting at the Paris Air Show for the first time, so the workshop enabled me to find out about the many rules that exist in the aerospace industry that don’t exist in the marine sector. We’ll be at the Paris Air Show first and foremost out of curiosity, to see what the cross-fertilisation of sectors can bring us in terms of markets. We hope to transfer the skills we have acquired in the marine sector to the aerospace industry.”